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What is ShotDoctor?

When it comes to improving your shot, you need to put in the work and practice. That can be either running drills or tracking stats so that you can learn where you need to improve, but regardless, you need to put up the shots, and you need feedback. Introducing ShotDoctor, a technologically advanced software application that was created by a former NBA shooting instructor!

How can an app help with my shooting? Shotdoctor uses the technology and sensors in an Apple iWatch to accurately track your movements and detect the subtle difference in your shots. Using this information and the ShotDoctor algorithms it provides you immediate feedback on how to improve. ShotDoctor also determines the drills you need for improvement and displays them step by step to help you maximize performance in every practice session.

Coaches, friends, and other players can provide tips and suggestions. Still, if you want to see the improvement, you need a shooting trainer. Personal trainers are costly and time-limited. Well, now, there is a basketball shooting app that connects to your smartwatch and helps to eliminate bad habits and create proper mechanics for the

non-shooting hand. It allows you to track, analyze, and improve your shooting percentage on your time, and without the high costs of a personal trainer.

How Does ShotDoctor Work?

ShotDoctor is an app that you buy in the Apple Store and download onto an iWatch. Once you begin using the app, it will track your movements and provide feedback to help you improve your shooting. ShotDoctor’s patented technology is revolutionary and guaranteed to raise your shooting percentage.

The app contains a vast library of drills that will teach proper shooting form and help you identify individual traits you need to improve on. As you are running the exercises, the app continues to monitor your movements and provide continuous feedback after every shot. This immediate feedback allows you to continue to make small corrections and understand what it is that you are doing incorrectly. 

The app also tracks your stats so that you can see how you are performing. This tracking also allows you to track your performance over time, which can tell you about what situations you perform better than others. By monitoring your stats, you can also see how much your shooting is improving by using ShotDoctor.

Created by a Former NBA Shooting Coach

ShotDoctor is not just a collection of some sensor data and algorithms; it was developed and created by a former NBA shooting coach Wesley Horne. Wesley spent seven years developing ShotDoctor to allow everyone to be able to improve their shooting without spending the money to hire a one on one trainer.

Wesley is a former NBA coach and statistical analyst. He was inspired to create the ShotDoctor app after 2 NBA players lost their contracts due to poor basketball shooting form.

During Wesley’s NBA coaching experience, he created individual training sessions through the use of statistical analysis. These position-specific workouts were used to develop player weaknesses, skill sets, and, most importantly, to improve their shooting percentage. During this time, five NBA G-League players he trained were called up to the NBA in just one season.

While coaching in NCAA, Junior College, and High School, Wesley coached, trained, scouted and recruited players of all positions. Coach Horne now trains over 600 basketball players every year in Charleston, SC. Home of the ShotDoctor app.

Save Money Without Sacrificing Quality

One popular approach to improving your shooting is to hire a skills coach or personal trainer to work with you one on one. This model has been around since before the telephone and, in today’s world, is outdated. Now, harnessing the power of apps and new technology, you can forgo the expensive trainer and utilize the ShotDoctor app. Not only does it save money, but it also allows you to train on your own time and as much as you want.

The training programmed in ShotDoctor is the same program that was developed and tested in the NBA. These proven exercises, drills, and tips are guaranteed to improve your shooting. Drills are divided into three main categories:

Form Shooting Drills

Form shooting drills are used to master proper shooting form 4-6ft from the target.

Range Shooting Drills

Range shooting drills are used to increase your shooting range with proper form.

Rhythm Shooting Drills

Rhythm shooting drills are timed sport-specific exercises. These drills are used to gain proper shooting rhythm and mechanics.

Get Started

So now you know how ShotDoctor works, it is time to get it for yourself and start training. You can see more on, or you can download the app from the Apple Store. Once you get the app set up, you can start training with a former NBA shooting coach on your wrist today!

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Developed by a former NBA Coach, ShotDoctor is revolutionizing the way players are coached. Get your personal shooting coach on your wrist today.

What is ShotDoctor?

ShotDoctor is the world’s first app to help develop basketball shooters form. By using Apple Watch technology, the app allows you to create perfect form in your shot and is created by a former NBA coach.