The ShotDoctor app is the world’s first basketball shooting app. It is designed and proven to help eliminate bad shooting habits and can help players from the youth level all the way up to the NBA. It utilizes technology developed with the Apple Watch to help give you the most accurate results to improve your shot.


A Message
From Wesley Horne

Coach Horne is a former NBA shooting instructor and the creator of the ShotDoctor app. Listen to him explain how it works and all of the app’s functions.


3 Separate Drills

Includes: form, range, & rhythm shooting.

Custom Stats

Track your progress! Leaderboards are coming soon.

3 Separate Levels

Rookie, Collegiate, & Pro. Test your skills at all levels!

No Ball Required

You don't need a basketball to perform the drills, but it can be used.

Creates Perfect Basketball Shot Form

Eliminates YOUR bad habits!

Apple Watch Required

The apple watch is needed for the app.

Improve your shot today.

Become the player you deserve to be.