Dynepic has been working with Dynamic Sports Team for over 2 years to develop the cutting edge algorithms behind the ShotDoctor and prove its effectiveness on the court.

Wesley Horne, owner of Dynamic Sports Team commented, “There is a new emphasis being placed on consistent shooting at every level of play. From free throws to mid range jumpers and 3 pointers, players are being exposed by their poor form and inconsistent shooting. A large number of NBA teams are trying to duplicate how the Golden State Warriors play as of late. Not because of their athleticism, but their ability to run teams out of the gym with consistent shooting. It's absolutely remarkable! The ShotDoctor will enhance the shooting form and increase makes for every player that uses it correctly. Creating a world of consistent shooters that can fill it up from anywhere on the floor!"

After the app is launched this spring, Dynepic will work side-by-side with Dynamic Sports Team to integrate the kid-safe, social connections of iOKids with the ShotDoctor app, allowing players to compete against each other around the world.