"From and early age, my son was personally unaware of flaws in his form while shooting the basketball. Working with the ShotDoctor app over the past few years has not only corrected these flaws, but have given him a guideline and direction in his form shooting, as his body size and muscle development has change from month to month. The ShotDoctor app has also given him a reason to set personal goals to achieve in respect to shooting distance. Confidence and "on-court” achievement has been a most positive result from continual use of the ShotDoctor app."

Chris Groves, Dad of 8th grader


"The ShotDoctor app has made a huge impact on my daughter's shooting form. Her shooting percentage from the free throw line to the three point line has increased drastically! Thanks to the ShotDoctor app she feels confident to shoot even when contested. It's very easy to use because it's not on a bulky device that gets in the way. It's effective for all ages and skill levels." 

Elizabeth Dixon, Mom of 10th grader


"After only a few sessions using the ShotDoctor app, I could see that my son's shot had improved dramatically and his form looked great. He seemed to be making shots from all over the court. He says he feels "explosive" now when shooting the ball. It also added added a whole other dimension to his game by increasing his range and building his confidence, thus making him a much better player!"

Jill Desplaces, Mom of 8th grader


“Shooting is the most important fundamental skill in basketball. The ShotDoctor app not only has helped my son perfect his shot but has given him the confidence to excel in high pressure games. Words from a coach are one thing... but to have a tool like the ShotDoctor that he can use on his own time has elevated his game to a new level! After using the ShotDoctor, he was able to accomplish his goal of making the high school team as a 7th grader.”

Kim Oppold, Mom of 7th grader


Coach Horne,
Thank you so much for getting Robert started with the ShotDoctor app! Robert is motivated to be a great basketball player, and the ShotDoctor is helping him develop a shooting form that will take him all the way to the top! His dedication to practice has improved tremendously. He is determined, focused, and confident on the court. Robert's roll on his middle school basketball team has been rebounder and leader. This year he is also a top scorer, and had his first double double.
We look forward to many more workouts with you, and the ShotDoctor app!

Virginia and Robert Mallard, Parents of 8th grader


"The ShotDoctor app has transformed my son's basketball shot. He has a ShotDoctor Coach on his wrist helping to build better technique with every shot. His ability to practice smarter on the court has made a huge difference in the points he can make for his team and confidence in his ability to make shots."

Dee Fortson, Mom of 6th grader




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