Tips from Coach Horne

Words From ShotDoctor Inventor

At some point in every basketball players life, poor shooting mechanics exist. The majority of players today can NOT shoot correctly and there is an overwhelming emphasis on shooting!  I guarantee the ShotDoctor app will create a perfect basketball shot. It's greater than any tool ever invented for the sport, bar none. The basketball world is about to change!”  

Wesley Horne, Creator 


Watch These Videos For Instructions On How To Wear And Use-

How To Wear

Form Shooting Mode

Drill Mode

Drills Without A Basket



There is no quick fix to mastering a perfect shot. Be patient. If you're not challenged it's not worth it!  



Coach yourself!  Work with the ShotDoctor over and over without a ball or basket. If you get positive feedback from the ShotDoctor, you're becoming better!!! 



The Shot Doctor is a training tool and is not meant for physical competition or during play. Players should not overuse the ShotDoctor. Allow the shooting arm enough time to rest between use.